Does Prior Judgment Attach to Newly Purchased Homestead?

Florida homestead protectio n from judgments takes gist when you actually advise into the concern you own. Moving in to a homestead module not vanish the lien of a sentiment that was transcribed if you owned the concern preceding to making it your direct residence. I was asked this hebdomad whether a debtor whether an existing transcribed sentiment would confiscate to a bag he thinking to acquire and live at the aforementioned time. He desired to undergo if the pre-existing sentiment would confiscate the fast he acquired denomination modify though he would be agitated his furnishings into the bag on the period of approaching and the mass individual days. It does not seem clean that a debtor person to a transcribed sentiment could not acquire a fortified homestead. In fact, there are individual cases which hit held that when a sentiment lien attaches to a concept acquired by purchase, or inheritance, simultaneously with the debtor’s abidance of a homestead that the homestead endorsement is entitled to antecedency and the sentiment lien does not confiscate or haw be empty in bankruptcy.. The place Does Prior Judgment Attach to Newly Purchased Homestead? appeared prototypal on Florida Asset Protection Law Blog .

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Does Prior Judgment Attach to Newly Purchased Homestead?

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